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Leila Jaffar, managing director / senior consultant and trainer

"My goal is always to learn people things which they can really use in their day-to-day work. A general introduction about cultural differences is of very little use to a police officer or a teacher who have to deal with aggression or conflict within a diverse context. They want to know how to de-escalate a situation. The influence of cultural differences and power relations is relevant as a factor in that overall process. My work is focused on conveying skills and knowledge in a pragmatic way.”

Activities at Jaffar Consultancy

    Methodology Development
    Developing and implementing new and innovative trainings
    Coaching and personal training
    Consultancy in areas of staff recruitment and HRM-related communications

Leila has twenty years experience as a trainer and consultant in the field of intercultural collaboration and communication. She is considered one of the leaders in this field in The Netherlands.

After having worked for several years as a trainer at the People's University Drakenburgh in Baarn the Netherlands with both indigenous and migrant groups she started Jaffar Consultancy in 1991. Leila developed a distinctive vision and matching training methods in the field of intercultural communication. Typical of Leila Jaffar's approach is the practical applicability and a nuanced view of cultural differences, based on a combination of solid background knowledge and practical experience. Leila Jaffar has in recent years done much training in the sectors of childcare, specialized departments of the police such as vice squad and military border-police personnel.

Leila: “These clients are very different from each other but they have one important thing in common. They work within  organizations which operate in the forefront of the multicultural society. They deal with highly complex, acute and sometimes violent situations with conflicts, crime, child abuse, honor related violence and forced repatriations. In these situations practical applicability of anything being taught and a profound and in-depth command of theory and practice by the trainer is paramount. The fact that these organizations choose me, year in year out as a trainer is proof to me that I have really something to contribute to them.”


Leila Jaffar


Radi Suudi, director / senior consultant

"I am convinced that intercultural communication is one of the biggest challenges of the coming years for the management of companies and institutions. With so much diversity in your employee- and customer base you can not simply do as you did in 1985. The ability to work with, and give guidance to people of diverse cultural backgrounds and to communicate with diverse clients and customers is a core competency. Our firm can help companies and institutions make that transition. "

Activities at Jaffar Consultancy

    Advising and drafting strategy and policy recommendations
    Chairing conferences,seminars and workgroups


Radi Suudi obtained his masters in political science from the University of Amsterdam. From 1992 to 1995 he was coordinator of the National Bureau of LSOBA, the National Foreign Migrants Organization. In this capacity he was involved in the restructuring of the national minority organizations, under the direct auspices of the minister of Welfare. This led to the founding of the government funded Dutch national knowledge center FORUM Institute for Multicultural Development. (www.forum.nl) Between 1995 and 1999 Radi Suudi was manager Publicity and Research at FORUM and member of the management team.
Since 1999 Radi has been working at Jaffar Consultancy. He has extensive experience in personnel management, restructuring and developing strategic policy for institutions and organizations.

Furthermore, Radi worked at Dutch public television and radio as an interviewer of national politicians, artists, scholars and and opinion leaders. Radi Suudi is regularly asked to lead debates and chair meetings.

Radi Suudi



Bel mij terug


Radi Suudi of Jaffar Consultancy discusses "new cultural citizenship" and the multicultural society with former MP and cabinet member Jacques Wallage, mayor of the Dutch city of Groningen. This video was made in 2008 by InterArtLab.

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