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Who are we?

Jaffar Consultancy specializes in communication and collaboration in organizations and in managing diversity and inclusiveness. Sometimes we are mainly concerned with communication and collaboration, sometimes with diversity. But usually with all at the same time. Because diversity, collaboration and communication in most businesses and organizations are inextricably linked. They are strategic pillars for successful businesses nowadays. We are very experienced in combining these pillars. And in the intercultural and communication skills that go with it.


Wherever people collaborate or interact with customers there is communication. Communication is the tool that people use to clarify what they expect from each other and how they expect it. Communication is partly content: what I am saying. This is verbal communication. And partly it is form. The way I am saying it: This is the non-verbal part of communication.

Through this all run the different communication styles that may be related to individual character, origin, age, educational levels and language skills of the person. Without communication people simply cannot work together and the company will not be able to make clear tot the outside world what they're doing. Therefore, effective forms of internal and external communication are essential.

"Diverse teams are high performance teams'' Margaret Ashida, director of diversity and workforce programs, IBM

Diversity and Inclusiveness

The power of a company is increasingly defined by it's ability to manage diversity. Diversity means that an organization has people from different backgrounds in its workforce. Major companies like IBM and Microsoft see diversity within their teams as a necessary condition for innovation. And diversity has thus become a strategic imperative for many companies.

Inclusiveness as the new management paradigm even goes beyond diversity. The inclusive organization actively seeks to deal with diversity and to develop new ways to enable collaboration and new styles of leadership. But with this increased diversity and inclusiveness, communication within the company and between the company and the client becomes inevitably more complex than it used to be. And with complexity come increased risks of misunderstanding and friction. Managers and staff nowadays have to be able deal with the differences between people at work, their business partners and their customers. Effective communication within and outside the company with all these parties is of paramount strategic importance. And therefore the combination of intercultural and communication skills is essential.

Our activities

Jaffar Consultancy offers strategies, training and consultancy services to improve the intercultural and communicative skills of managers and professionals, both in the corporate and the non-profit sectors.

  • We advise management in adjusting strategy and mission, in order to respond to a changing customer base and workforce.

  • We provide group-  or individual training of managers and employees.

  • We support HR managers with recruitment  and selection and with the internal career paths of talented employees from different backgrounds

  • We specialize in nonverbal communication. Being able to decode the culturally coded nonverbal messages of your interlocutor is of great value when you are negotiating with employees, businesspartners or customers from different cultural backgrounds or nationalities.


Our approach

During more than two decades of experience we have developed a lot of practical knowledge and skills that correspond to the specific working practices of our customers. Much of what we do is custom made: based on the specific needs of a particular customer. We connect to your organizational culture and to your daily practice.

Our work has included working for the educational-, police-, healthcare- and corporate sectors. This broad and long experience makes us one of the most innovative and leading agencies in the field of diversity and intercultural communication in the Netherlands.

To know how to understand and to be understood are key competences for every manager and employee. And even more so if you work with a diversity of employees or customers. We can support and advise you in taking the steps to become a truly diverse and inclusive organization!

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Radi Suudi of Jaffar Consultancy interviews Turkish-Dutch lawyer Famile Arslan, former judge and MP Aleid Wolfsen and MP Harry van Bommel about controversial anti-terror legislation that was introduced by the Dutch government. This comes from a special television program, broadcast on the eve of Dutch elections in November 2006 and presented by Radi Suudi. The video is in Dutch.

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