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April 2017 Workshops at University of Goteborg (Se)

Leila Jaffar was invited in April of this year to give two workshops for students and staff of the faculties of Social Sciences at the Univerity of Goteborg in Sweden. The first workshop dealt with the general principles of intercultural communication. The second workshop dealt with the relation between gender, power and non-verbal communication. In this workshop Leila Jaffar gave an analysis of the way power relations, in particular between men and women are reinforced by means of non-verbal communication and body language. Leila also showed how this takes different forms in different cultures. She shared her insights in how women can use non-verbal commnication to improve their own position within a power relation.

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Radi Suudi  of Jaffar Consultancy discusses "new cultural citizenship" and the multicultural society with former MP and mayor of the town of Eindhoven, Rob van Gijzel. The video was produced in 2008 by InterArtLab.

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